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  • Hello world!

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  • Musings on the Helium Network

    The Helium network is an application of cryptographic systems to provide an economic incentive for offering network connectivity. The actual physical network uses LoRaWAN (a trademark of the LoRa Alliance) to offer low-power connectivity at up to 27 kbps over traditional ISM bands. I’ve had past interests in exploring mesh networking, especially in disaster situations, […]

  • The romantic pursuit

    Over the last 30 months, the prospect of deep human connection and the sensation that it is always ever so slightly out of reach has consumed my mind. The incessant longing to feel, touch, and love another human being has become the central topic of many of my dreams, and I regret to say that […]

  • The end of the hacker era

    After reading and contemplating the commentary of John Wu, the Magisk developer, on Google’s introduction of the Trusted Execution Environment to its SafetyNet platform, I am obliged to agree with him. Rooting is dead. If it is possible to build a cryptographically secure platform, inside the chip, that verifies if the rest of the device […]

  • Google as a news aggregator

    It turns out, after all, that Google Reader was shut down only for news aggregation to become Google Search’s primary function. I have been having substantial trouble these days finding meaningful but relevant information, especially from smaller blogs and old university websites. Instead, Google tends to show only the top results from the most prominent […]

  • Reality

    It’s Good Friday. In silence, I am met with the sobering reality of life, the fallout of the novel coronavirus, and my disconnection from everything I long for. I look out the window for the thousandth time. It’s covered in pollen, as no one has cleaned it since the house’s construction twelve years ago. I […]

  • The anxiety of life

    I haven’t written a public post since August. I apologize for this – ever since the day I decided to move to that dastardly co-op, I haven’t felt like I’ve had enough time to write here. Though this is not an excellent time to write at the present moment (as the novel coronavirus pandemic has […]

  • Film piracy

    The film is a captivating, immersive medium that narrates a story with a synchronized visual and audio track. In its similarity to television in that it can be consumed passively rather than requiring an active effort in imagination, movies have reached far more Americans than books. In the medium’s success, it has become a lucrative […]

  • A troubled relationship with GitLab

    When I discovered GitLab in February, a rebellious passion flared up – a desire to break away from the omnipresent, walled-garden development ecosystem that is GitHub. After GitHub had supposedly banned one of my developers for Attorney Online, that disdain for GitHub flooded over (although it was only later that I considered that perhaps he […]

  • Most stripped-down version of Chromium

    I am curious how far Chromium can be stripped down for embedded applications. The natural thing to do, of course, is to not use HTML for embedded applications. But I wonder: can one strip down Chromium to its bare minimum? No video or audio, no WebGL, no MIDI, no CSS 3D animations, no WebSockets, no […]

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