RAID array upgrade

The server will be undergoing a full replacement of all drives, doubling the server's disk capacity.

Please bear with us as we rebuild the array over and over until all drives have been replaced with the larger ones.

Thu, November 05, '15 6:27 PM #9

Full recovery!

After a second drive stopped responding and the file system got corrupted, I was able to bring it all back up!

With no backups!

And the best part: nobody cares!

Tue, October 20, '15 8:02 PM #8

Drive failure sustained

Well, one of the drives in the server decided to fail. Fortunately they are all in a RAID 5 array so the server continues to run on degraded mode, and absolutely no data was lost.

As I am running more and more servers on this machine, it's critical that I get some new bigger drives so that I can swap the old ones out as they fail.

However, as long as it's in degraded mode, I have to manually acknowledge the message every time the server... Read more

Tue, October 06, '15 7:55 PM #7

Finished installing Commentics

I'm back from installing Commentics on the server!

I've also replaced Strapdown with a PHP Markdown parser, simply because I was getting fed up with its quirky behavior. (You'll still see the same Bootstrap style, though.)

In the future I will install a WordPress portion of this website, for more elegant, long-term blogging, while I'll still be using my homemade PHP for site news.

Anyway, comment away (with an exception to... Read more

Fri, June 26, '15 2:44 PM #6

The future?

Thanks to Google Fiber, Time Warner Cable is extending its "Maxx" program throughout the US, meaning the operational bandwidth of this server is increasing to levels reasonable enough to hold more complex services like RDP.

This is good news. It means I will be able to more reliably perform remote maintenance on the server and use it as a VPN of sorts. This could also mean I could bring comments to the website without spam, or start advertising for Minecraft... Read more

Tue, June 16, '15 8:00 PM #5

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