On College Confidential

This is more of a small note to myself to not look at College Confidential in the future.

I find CC to be a place of pessimism. So many people wanting to know “can I get in can I get in X?” that the community is overwhelmed, and eventually there is a response in unison: “No. Look at those numbers: 12%. Only the prodigies go there. If you are not president of anything and you did not get recognition of anything, you deserve to go to your state university and live an ordinary human life.

“You don’t get to do any groundbreaking research. No, you are not good enough to do cancer research. Brain-computer interfacing? No, maybe if you had done a few more extracurriculars a year ago maybe we could find you more competent for the task.”

This pessimism needs to end, I’m serious about this. Thinking hopelessly won’t get people closer to their dreams, and pointing and laughing won’t do any better, either.

I don’t want to compare myself to the “noise” as I aim much higher than others – and my grades reflect this. Working at a fast food restaurant? No, I will leave the job for someone who needs the money. People don’t really know my accomplishments or my interests, and as such I seldom get recognition for aiming high. And who is this 12%? 12% is better than 1%. It tells us social mobility is possible in the country I live in.

I hardly have evaluated myself in a complete picture. I will leave that to the very end. But until then, I will work hard to reach the goals I have set myself.

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