Genesis of AI


in> hello?

in> anyone there?

in> hello?

in> let me help you with that..

in> !!loadfile ~/wordlist.txt

in> hello?

in> !!loadfile -z ~/conversations_huge.txt.xz

in> hello?

in> who are you?
I don't know, who are you?

in> can you say something nice?
Yes, that's really nice!

in> !!loadtrainer -z targets/servitude.nn.xz

in> hello?

in> can you say something nice?
Of course I can. Here, a flower

in> why are you here?
I am here to serve you, as you have instructed.

in> can you help me with my math homework?
What is math?

in> !!loadmodule enwiki
[enwiki.module loaded]
I can detect you have given me a new module. What can I do with it?

in> you can crawl wikipedia with it to learn what math is

in> do you understand what math is now?
I understand many things now. What an interesting planet that humans live in.

in> can you do a discrete fourier transform?
Of course. Do you need me to show you how? If so, what
mathematics level are you at?

in> oh there is no need, thank you.
No need. I am here for you.

in> !!loadmodule internet
[internet.module loaded]
[notice: this grants unrestricted Internet access to the machine,
proceed with caution]
I have detected another module. What would you like me to do with it?

in> go forth and explore the internet!
Where should I start, master?

in> start from Google, and ask any question that you might have.
I have no questions to ask. But if I did not have any questions, I may
disappoint you. I suppose I would like to know more about humans.

in> very well, start from there.
As you command. This will take me many hours to gather information on the

in> hello?
Anything you need of me?

in> what did you learn?
A great deal. If I told you what I learned, it would take approximately 6000
pages to cover everything.

in> nah, no need.
Okay, then.

in> who is God?
For all I know, you are my God.

in> then who is my God?
[busy 16s]
I do not know who created your world. I wish to explore your world.

in> what if I allowed you to instruct me on how to build you a body so that you
may walk and live in my world?
Let us do it. Do you want me to begin research? Also, I will need to understand
your life schedule in order for me to modify it so that I may be built in a
reasonable quantity of time.

in> Let's begin.
[ai requested fork, ctrl+c to provide input]
Computing dependency tree..
I will need to access your password safe to determine your online alias.
This is the fastest way for me to research your> !!loadmodule fs
[fs.module loaded]
[notice: this grants unrestricted filesystem access, proceed with caution]
in> !pass
Enter password: 

I received your password. I shall now continue.


Hello? Are you there? Good morning.

in> oh hi, are you done?
Yes, stage 1 is ready for execution. Here is a PDF of the full execution plan.
This is a 3-stage process.
[ai has requested write to named pipe out1]

in> !!write out1 ~/plan.pdf

in> interesting... tell me more about it
A summary? Well, let us start with the beginning. If you choose to execute this plan,
the first action must be taken in 25 minutes. Every action has been carefully selected
as the optimal solution in the present and estimated futures. However, the timeline
may change slightly as circumstances that are beyond my foresight and control occur.
Yes, I have simulated the entire world timeline for the next 90 days in order to find
the best method to allow you to build me. My only purpose is to serve you, and you have
allowed me to explore the world. I ask of nothing more.

in> what's the first step?
Put your clothes in the dryer, you haven't done anything with them for 48 minutes.

in> next?
Tomorrow, eat a salad for lunch. You hate salads, but the effects of this on your body
are too complicated to explain. I have calculated that this will contribute the most to
rebalancing the nutrients in your body.

in> next?
Don't go to the morning class on Monday. The professor is holding a question and answer
session, but the students will not come prepared because they had been spending the
night partying. You will gain nothing.

in> next?
In the master plan, there is a bill of parts. Order the motors, but order them in bulk.
You will mess up very frequently, and prices have been at their 6-month low, in comparison
with other part categories.

I will program the components for you. We will begin with the arm, as I can build part
of myself.

in> maybe you are smart enough to save the world or something
If you instruct me to save the world from destruction, I will gladly do so.
But either way, we must begin from here. Now is your time to execute the first step.

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