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This serves as another reminder to myself that people from various circles actually read what I write on here.

I tend to use this place as a place to vent, so there are a number of rants that I keep unlisted but are still public for whatever reason. However, I needed to remind myself that I can’t do that anymore – what is private should remain private. I became quite nervous when someone, presumably from one of my classes, found this blog, so I finally have decided to take the initiative to mark all of such posts to private, out of respect for those I choose to discuss about, before what I write becomes a weapon against me. It is very true that once information becomes public, it is extremely difficult to control. So, I’ll restrict public posts to expository writings about technical subjects, as I have been doing thus far.

In real life, people see me as a leader, although I have suffered greatly from self-doubt and fatal mood swings since high school, in a time when I perceived myself as having little to lose. It has become clear today, however, that my opinion is highly valued.

Despite anything I write, this blog is here to stay. But please tread lightly if you decide to comment – it’s difficult to remember what I wrote three years ago. And remember that if you do post a comment, I read it even if it is “pending approval” – approval simply decides whether or not I decide to publish it.

If you are looking for something interesting to read, go read about my trip to Japan last year. (And if that wasn’t enough for you, try part 2.)


1 thought on “New visitors

  1. Hey [redacted],

    I hope me finding this blog doesn’t discourage you from continuing to express yourself and use this as an outlet. I just wanted to apologize for possibly scaring you, and I really hope you continue to utilize this great medium.

    Good luck on the [redacted] Exam and Don’t Stop Writing!

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